Crash in iconload->setEnabled(true)

Martin Kneppe mkneppe at
Fri Jul 2 12:19:26 UTC 1999

Hi there

I have got a lot of problem using kdevelop on my
Computer (RH 6.0 with qt-1.44). I used the version 0.3 and it worked quite
fine. but after installing 0.4 it just crashes if i start doing anything.

One first crash i found is in iconload->setEnabled(true) 

If i comment out that line i can start a new project (plain C++) but with
it kdevelop just crashes ;-(. I don`t know why and i don`t have very much
time to search for it, just thougt this could be a fault on my side. Maybe
i forgot to install something important or i have got the wrong libs,...


Martin Kneppe

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