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Thanks for the info. You answered my question :-)

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On Wed, 30 Jun 1999 17:00:30   Martin Piskernig wrote:
>Am Wed, 30 Jun 1999 schrieben Sie:
>> It may seem a bit contradictory but I am an experianced programmer (mid 70's) but never got envolved with C++. I now have three tutorials in hand and am attempting a modest "K" project.
>> With my humble introduction out of the way, my question which is probably simple to most of you...
>> Can you out put directly to KMainWindow with a mechanizim such as cout or do you always have to encapsulate output into some other window type?
>> In my particular case I would like to send text only output in tty fashion.
>> For example: suppose a person wanted to show the mouse or joystick  x-y position. Could they (a bit tacky I admit) some how send lines to the base window?
>> joystick x=345 y=134
>> mouse    x=133 y=34
>> joystick x=634 y=235
>> mouse    x=160 y=44
>> joystick x=346 y=344
>> mouse    x=153 y=62
>> ...
>1. AFAIK you always have to use a widget you can draw text on. You could use a
>QMultiLineEdit, a QLineEdit, a QLabel or a QPainter with QPainter::drawText(...)
>and so on... 
>2. You can also redirect stdout/stderr to a widget, like the output view in
>kdevelop. KDevelop is generally a very good idea if you don4t know how to code
>something. I always look there as most widgets are somewhere used :-)
>3. Something I never tried is to derive your main widget directly from e.g. the
>QMultiLineEdit, instead of KTMainWindow. Maybe this doesn4t work but I
>think it should.
>PS: A very good introduction to the Qt Library is the book from Kalle Dalheimer.

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