KDevelop Documentation

M.J. Stoutjesdijk m.stoutjesdijk at rdiag.azn.nl
Thu Jul 1 07:22:21 UTC 1999

Ralf Nolden wrote:

> Hi all,
> due to an upcoming KDE release, I want to complete the four handbooks as
> good as possible.

Hi Ralf,

I realize that the English docs are just about done, apart from the
corrections. There is one thing I would love to see in there, though. It
concerns slots, so it's mainly a Qt-thing...
If I design a configuration dialog as a seperate class (with the dialog
editor), how do I manage the slots? In other words, maybe a paragraph or so
about the way a project should handle the events generated in the
Finally, I just want to say that the manual as it is looks great, and that
in general I'm really happy that a package as good as kDevelop exists for


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