Pahan, Szabolcs szabolcs.pahan at capgemini.hu
Thu Jul 1 06:31:58 UTC 1999

>> >To do this manually ...
>I added the lanuguage files as project files so they are available in
>the LFV. You could create your translation file and add it in 
>the RFV to
>the project file
>(I hope this is what you meant)
Sorry for misunderstanding, but what I really meant is elaborating 
standard ways to handle these exceptional situations, such as the
"normal_kde" setting lets the program modify the makefile.am-s.
I'm not really interested in _workarounds_, I'm sure every skilled
programmer can exit the KDevelop IDE, and fix things manually.
But at that point KDevelop is loosing. (Because we are starting to
explain people why they can't use a feature in a standard/intuitive
way in KDevelop - Why then use KDevelop?)
KDevelop project should be the one to demonstrate all the capabilities
of the KDevelop environment. If there is a feature that is useful, 
we should be able to use it from within KDevelop. 
There shouldn't be any excuse.

Sorry if I was too offensive.


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