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Thu Oct 7 15:54:34 BST 2021


On 10/4/21 8:00 PM, Stefan Yohansson wrote:
> There's any signal/slot or event system anyway to receive edit, save, 
> open events? at least know which line number was changed at the file 
> when saving it.

sorry I've gotten quite rusty with KDevelop's code, so I can't give you 
an exact snippet, but what you want goes something like this: get the 
list of open documents from the document controller, obtain the 
KTextEditor::Document instance from those, and connect to the notifier 
signals (e.g. textChanged) of that class.

Look at e.g. problemreporterplugin.cpp in kdevelop's repository, it does 
something similar.

See also 
you can obtain this object type from KDevelop's "TextDocument" wrapper 
type. As you can see it provides a lot of features to do the things you 

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