KDevelop for Windows

Daniel Kats dnkats at gmail.com
Fri Feb 21 07:20:34 GMT 2020

> Fixed now. And renamed from "Nightly" to "Stable", given this "Nightly"
> usually means master (at least on binary-factory.kde.org).
> So the url is now: https://binary-factory.kde.org/job/KDevelop_Stable_win64/

Awesome! I will switch to this one on my Windows machines, so the
master branch gets some testing on windows, too ;-)

> Which was because no-one at 5.5.0 release time was around to give that
> artifact some testing (no one using Windows? :) ) to see whether it works to
> some acceptable degree, besides having passed build :)
> Once someone (hint, hint ;) ) confirms it is minimally working, it can be
> uploaded.

I can confirm that it installs and works as good (or even better! ;) )
as the previous version.

Daniel Kats
Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research
Heisenbergstr. 1
D-70569 Stuttgart, Germany

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