FYI: please file review requests on gitlab now

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Mon Jan 28 10:09:14 GMT 2019

On Sunday, January 27, 2019 10:25:33 AM CET René J.V. Bertin wrote:
> On Sunday January 27 2019 06:18:43 Aleix Pol wrote:
> >You'll see that being able to use git itself rather than tools on top of it
> >(e.g. arc or rb-tool) will prove to be more comfortable in the long run.
> Thanks. While that may be true for someone who has only a few patches that
> are all completely independent and get accepted quickly it's not the whole
> story for me. There's a reason I wrote the phab plugin for Purpose.
> In a nutshell, I'd be replacing that  "tool on top of it" by creating a
> branch in another clone (both on my own disk and on KDE's new git server),
> maintain those branches (probably delete and recreate them more than a few
> times when they go out of sync or my talent to mess up git instructions
> expresses itself). And I don't see how all that extra work with more or
> less permanent effects will streamline the process when you have lots of
> patches many of which overlap or touch the same files ... and you also want
> to use the product with all those patches applied yourself. As Milian said,
> this looks like the github PR feature, which is among the least practical
> to me of the 4 mechanisms I have experience with. KDevelop with the
> Reviewboard plugin was just about perfect.

Learn git, don't live in the past with manual patch management. Seriously.

> I imagine there must be more overhead for the admins too (lot of extra
> clones to host, requests to delete or do other things with them..) but
> that's not our problem.

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