What is a better way to initialize KDevelop on Windows?

Πέτρος Σιλιγκούνας petross404 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 21 21:44:49 GMT 2019

First let me tell you that I chose the mailing list because nobody leaves
forever the client open, so some messages are lost. If this conversation is
best fitted to bugs.kde, please me know.

Now, I want to start KDevelop on Windows without this ugly cli to enter the
architecture. I would like something like a QComboBox on a window, with a
list of possible architectures to choose.

Then this information could be passed to the batch script and the rest
remains the same.

Do you have a better idea or any other advice on this? Should we approach
the whole thing in a different way?

Thank you in advance.

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