D11291: Do not add return type to constructors declaration when editing definition in signature assistant.

Milian Wolff noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Tue Mar 13 21:54:10 UTC 2018

mwolff added inline comments.


> adaptsignatureassistant.cpp:49
>  bool isConstructor(const Declaration *functionDecl)
>  {

afaik you can simplify the below by reusing a function from DUChainUtils that gets you the declaration for a definition. always cast that at the start and then cast the return result

> adaptsignatureassistant.cpp:53
>      auto classFun = dynamic_cast<const ClassFunctionDeclaration*>(functionDecl);
> -    return classFun && classFun->isConstructor();
> +    if(classFun) {
> +        return classFun->isConstructor();

here and below: space after keywords (`if (...`)

  R32 KDevelop


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