D8158: KDevelop: decorate patch version string in development builds

Sven Brauch noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Fri Oct 6 11:03:37 UTC 2017

brauch added a comment.

  Future tags won't drop the v, because all KDE apps always have the v there.
  Does drkonqui still automatically select the right version in Bugzilla if we do this ...? (It does that, right?)
  Looking at it, no, you definitely cannot do it like this. You overwrite KDevelop_VERSION_PATCH, which is e.g. exported to kdevelop-config.cmake and will require e.g. kdev-php to depend on "kdevelop VERSION 5.1.80-24-g5623457794"...
  Also, you run this at build generation time, so if you do a change + commit which don't cause cmake to re-generate the build system, the version number won't change.
  Also, as said, this will just cause the build to fail on Windows.

  R32 KDevelop


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