D8569: Fixed launch url composition from launch configuration server, path and arguments

Santiago Capel Torres noreply at phabricator.kde.org
Fri Nov 3 08:56:22 UTC 2017

santilin added a comment.

  I have replied to @apol but I don't know how to submit the coment. I have 1 unsubmitted comment, but no way to submit it :(


> apol wrote in executebrowserplugin.cpp:87
> Looks like something will be missing now, at least it won't be very backwards compatible. For "https://kde.org/index.html" the host used to be  "kde.org", now you are assuming that the schema is part of the host? Should we change the serverEntry definition to be the base url rather than the hostname?

Yes, that was something odd with the old code. It added manually a fixed scheme part with url.setScheme("http"); so i guess you could not use https:// for your project.

Now, I assume the schema part is part of the host. Maybe we could change the label in the .ui

I wonder if with the old code you could open a url like  "https://kde.org/index.html", I bet that you could''t.

  R67 KDevelop Execute Browser


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