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Sven Brauch mail at svenbrauch.de
Mon Jun 27 22:27:35 UTC 2016

Hey people,

I think we should aim to do a 5.0 release real soon, we have been
pushing that away for far too long imo. I think KDevelop 5 is working
mostly fine right now, with the possible exception of the assistants and
a few feature-regressions in the C++ plugin (code completion is just not
as good as it used to be). Then again, the parsing is so much better now
that it's most likely still a good deal for the users compared to 4.7.

I would in fact suggest to merge the assistantpopup-ng branch, submit a
few pending reviews, and call it done for 5.0. Yeah, the code assistants
(esp. adapt signature) have a lot of issues, but at least they're not
getting in the way any more with that branch. Maybe the 5.0 release even
wins us a few people who are happy to look into that? ;)
I'd just prefer having 5.0 now and 5.1 in two months a lot over having
5.0 in two months.

What do you think?


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