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Milian Wolff mail at milianw.de
Tue Jun 28 08:20:43 UTC 2016

On Tuesday, June 28, 2016 12:27:35 AM CEST Sven Brauch wrote:
> Hey people,
> I think we should aim to do a 5.0 release real soon, we have been
> pushing that away for far too long imo. I think KDevelop 5 is working
> mostly fine right now, with the possible exception of the assistants and
> a few feature-regressions in the C++ plugin (code completion is just not
> as good as it used to be). Then again, the parsing is so much better now
> that it's most likely still a good deal for the users compared to 4.7.

+1, I don't want to stand in the way of this release anymore. Family and good 
summer weather are holding me up from contributing...
> I would in fact suggest to merge the assistantpopup-ng branch, submit a
> few pending reviews, and call it done for 5.0. Yeah, the code assistants
> (esp. adapt signature) have a lot of issues, but at least they're not
> getting in the way any more with that branch. Maybe the 5.0 release even
> wins us a few people who are happy to look into that? ;)
> I'd just prefer having 5.0 now and 5.1 in two months a lot over having
> 5.0 in two months.
> What do you think?

I personally don't think that we should merge the assistantpopup-ng branch 
yet. The existing one works OKish imo and the last time I tested the -ng 
branch it had multiple big issues and from the post-commit reviews I've done I 
don't think all of them have been resolved yet.

If we release KDevelop 5.0 as-is now, I just think we should clearly 
communicate that it's a dot-zero release with known caveats. Everyone should 
know it, but people will likely not "get" it when we don't put it up in big 
fat letters somewhere...

Milian Wolff
mail at milianw.de

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