GSOC2015 KDevelop ideas

Laszlo Kis-Adam dfighter1985 at
Sat Mar 7 16:32:20 UTC 2015

On 3/7/2015 16:56, Kevin Funk wrote:
 >Yep. Although in the meantime we've basically ported most of KDevelop 
to KF5,
 >  and are now in need of people with Qt5 experience!  (Someone should 
change that topic to just say "Qt" ...)

That shouldn't be a problem, I'm more than willing to look up and learn 
the changes if and when needed.

 > The Checker Frameworks sounds like a much important feature, since 
it'd enable
 > us to tightly integrate quite a few tools that are bit-rotting in 
 > right now (cppcheck, valgrind and many more).

Yes, I thought as much as well, but I wanted to ask anyways, since our 
opinions might differ, especially considering I am new to the project. :)

 >To be able to participate in GSoC in KDevelop land, we'd like potential
 >students to dive into the code base as soon as possible, so we get an 
 >about their skill set and general work flow.
 >So, if you're interested in working on the Checker framework, I suggest
 >starting off with compiling KDevplatform/KDevelop for KF5 [1] and then 
 >around with the plugins mentioned on the GSoC idea page (again: 
cppcheck from
 >kdev-cppcheck.git, valgrind from kdev-valgrind.git). Run them, check 
what they
 >do, what results they produce in the KDevelop UI.

 >One of the basic ideas of the Checker Framework is to have a common 
 >view" for all these tools, e.g. that the results of a 'cppcheck' run 
show up
 >in the Problem tool view, having proper file/line/severity information.
 >Regarding starting points:
 >I'm already having something in mind that you could work on: 
 >isn't even ported to KF5 yet, and it'd be a great starter task to get 
 >ready for KF5-based KDevelop. You could check the git logs of 
kdev-cppcheck to
 >learn how to do that.

I've already built the 4.7 branch successfully, so now it's time to 
build the KF5 version then.
I'll put on my scuba diving gear and dive into it!

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