GSOC2015 KDevelop ideas

Laszlo Kis-Adam dfighter1985 at
Wed Mar 11 19:28:58 UTC 2015

Here's the patch to do that:

I've also made some blog posts about my experiences:

I have some further ideas for the plugin btw:
* Memcheck output should show both the line that deleted the block, and 
the line of the invalid read/write.
* Helgrind could also be integrated, as that's a quite useful tool as well.
* Callgrind output could show the number of calls.

On 3/7/2015 16:56, Kevin Funk wrote:
> Regarding starting points: I'm already having something in mind that 
> you could work on: kdev-valgrind isn't even ported to KF5 yet, and 
> it'd be a great starter task to get that ready for KF5-based KDevelop. 
> You could check the git logs of kdev-cppcheck to learn how to do that. 
> ps://

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