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On Sun, Jun 8, 2014 at 12:43 PM, Kevin Funk <kfunk at> wrote:

> On Saturday 07 June 2014 11:04:36 Sergey Kalinichev wrote:
> > Hi Milian!
> >
> > >I just noticed that KDevelop now picks clang by default to find include
> > >paths etc. pp.
> > That not exactly the case. Actually it goes through all compilers (in
> > alphabetic order) and selects the first one that is installed. So, if
> > you don't have the Clang installed it'll select another compiler.
> >
> > >Furthermore, I notice that the compiler combobox in the project settings
> > >does not filter non-existing compilers. I see MSVC on a Linux machine
> > >which is of course wrong. And of course users might see GCC/Clang even
> > >though they are not installed.
> > Thats the truth. But what about cross-compilation? In that case the
> > compiler is not installed in the default directory (e.g. Android NDK
> > comes with the GCC compiler). So imo it still makes sense to make
> > those items available. Otoh if the path to the compiler is wrong,
> > probably it makes sense to show some kind of warning then.
> Hey!
> First, you cannot just show all possible compilers to the users. That's
> quite
> irritating for the user (esp. having an entry for 'MSVC' on Linux is
> weird).
> To solve the problem, you could have a settings dialog where you can
> configure
> existing (read: auto-detected) compilers and add controls to let the user
> configure additional compilers (e.g. when setting up cross-compilers).
> That's basically how QtCreator handles it. In case you're unsure, I
> strongly
> suggest having a look at the Qt version / Kit setup settings in QtCreator.
> > (snip)
> Cheers

Actually any build managers that implement IBuildSystemManager could
provide something like:
"Path usedCompiler(const QString& mimetype) const";

At least cmake knows what compiler it's using, so does qmake and others. In
the case of CustomBuildSystem, it can add a KCM and actually let the user
choose, because that's what CustomBuildSystem is about.

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