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Kevin Funk kfunk at
Sun Jun 8 10:43:47 UTC 2014

On Saturday 07 June 2014 11:04:36 Sergey Kalinichev wrote:
> Hi Milian!
> >I just noticed that KDevelop now picks clang by default to find include
> >paths etc. pp.
> That not exactly the case. Actually it goes through all compilers (in
> alphabetic order) and selects the first one that is installed. So, if
> you don't have the Clang installed it'll select another compiler.
> >Furthermore, I notice that the compiler combobox in the project settings
> >does not filter non-existing compilers. I see MSVC on a Linux machine
> >which is of course wrong. And of course users might see GCC/Clang even
> >though they are not installed.
> Thats the truth. But what about cross-compilation? In that case the
> compiler is not installed in the default directory (e.g. Android NDK
> comes with the GCC compiler). So imo it still makes sense to make
> those items available. Otoh if the path to the compiler is wrong,
> probably it makes sense to show some kind of warning then.


First, you cannot just show all possible compilers to the users. That's quite 
irritating for the user (esp. having an entry for 'MSVC' on Linux is weird).

To solve the problem, you could have a settings dialog where you can configure 
existing (read: auto-detected) compilers and add controls to let the user 
configure additional compilers (e.g. when setting up cross-compilers).

That's basically how QtCreator handles it. In case you're unsure, I strongly 
suggest having a look at the Qt version / Kit setup settings in QtCreator.

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Kevin Funk

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