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Sat Jun 7 20:19:02 UTC 2014


I asked about this in IRC and was told it was better to bring this up in
the mailing list:

I think there are a couple of use cases that are broken with the current
working areas set:

- Think about this question brought up some years ago:
In that case, back then, the answer to those questions was "switch back to
the Debug area to see where your debugging ended" but right now the
behavior still exists but the solution is no longer available.
- I add a breakpoint in the code and then I want to edit the properties of
that breakpoint, but I am in the Code area and the tool view for
breakpoints is in the Debug area, but I cannot reach that area without
starting a binary to debug. If I wanted to add it through the menus, I
would go to Windows -> Tool Views but I didn't find it there because it is
not an active tool view at that point, but "active" is then area-dependent
and I cannot just switch to an area. The only way to do it is right
clicking at specific areas to add a tool view.

What do you think about these cases? I would like to know what is by design
and what are bugs and then file bugs for and help fixing what needs to be


David E. Narvaez
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