Review Request 121338: Fix bug on multi-line function-macro expansion, format preprocessed body for Cpp::NavigationWidget

Zhang HuiJie yitianbuji at
Thu Dec 4 11:57:09 UTC 2014

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(Updated 十二月 4, 2014, 7:57 p.m.)

Review request for KDevelop.


Enable formating on all preprocessed macro body for Cpp::NavigationWidget. 

Repository: kdevelop

Description (updated)

Fix bug on multi-line function-macros expansion? format preprocessed body for Cpp::NavigationWidget

Diffs (updated)

  languages/cpp/cpplanguagesupport.cpp 79530e9 
  languages/cpp/parser/rpp/pp-engine.cpp 8f6c8da 
  languages/cpp/parser/rpp/pp-scanner.h 94fab52 
  languages/cpp/parser/rpp/pp-scanner.cpp 28479d8 


Testing (updated)

This patch work well on multi-line function-macros expansion, no test will fail because of this patch.


Zhang HuiJie

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