KDevelop 4.2.60 floods .xsession-errors file

Gerhard Stengel gstengel at gmx.net
Wed Jan 4 22:55:24 UTC 2012

Am Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012, 23:17:45 schrieb Milian Wolff:
> Are you using symlinks somewhere by any change? E.g. in your source/build
> dir or anywhere "farther up" in the path? That could be the "issue", or
> rather a known (to me) limitation of the checks that trigger this warning.
> If not, this could be a "real" bug.
My project at work uses loads of symlinks, so that could be an explanation.
However, when I open KDevelop/kdevplatform (checkouts from git), I also get 
the messages and I think there are no symlinks.

Take this one for instance:

kdevelop(4237)/kdevelop (cpp support) IncludePathComputer::computeBackground: 
Include-path was missing in list returned by build-manager, adding it now. 
file was: 
missing path: "/home/gerhard/src/kdevelop/build/projectmanagers/cmake/"

The file is there and the path in the build directory, too, so what does it 
actually complains about?

I also wonder why I get this flood each time I open Kdevelop. Doesn't it store 
this information somewhere in .kdevduchain?

> I agree that this should probably not be a kWarning, it's only targeted at
> developers. Note that before this message was actually added to your files
> in the "problems" tool view in KDevelop, which was even more strange (imo).
> Anyhow, to "fix" it for you for now: kdebugdialog --fullmode and then
> disable warning output for area 9007.
All Debug output is already disabled. Why should the output go to 9007? 
kWarning() has no argument.

best regards


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