Database Project - ILanguageSupport

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sun Feb 5 17:47:59 UTC 2012

On 03.02.12 20:28:52, Miguel Tadeu wrote:
> Hi,
> during the development, I felt the need to implement a ILanguageSupport
> class. I'm now overriding the contextMenuExtension method.
> One problem arises, here. I want to add new functionality for a project
> template that contains the specific structure for a database schema. But
> when I right click on some other project( like a c++ or php project ) I
> can't decide wether to add the items(specific database operations) or not.
> I'm figuring I should need to know which project type is selected, but I
> don't know how.

What do you mean with "project type"? There's no such thing in KDevelop,
the only thing that comes close is the project-manager plugin but you
shouldn't need to know about that.

What exactly are you supplying into the context menu? IMHO the
language-support should be independent of the project manager/type, that
ensures that the language support can be used with any kind of project -
cmake, automake, custom scripts and just a plain directory+files.


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