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Thu Sep 29 09:46:39 UTC 2011

Alexandre Courbot, 28.09.2011:
> >> > I think that would be useful in any case. We have directories we unit
> >> > tests that have a few thousand .cc files. Furthermore, our Makefiles
> >> > generate dependencies between .cc and .h files by calling a bunch of
> >> > scripts, which can take a while. Letting the make resolver crawl over
> >> > these directories can take 20 minutes on an 8-core machine...
> >> 
> >> Yup, one should definitely have the option to disable this. Expect a
> >> patch for review soon.
> > 
> > Convinced, I'll happilly review it.
> Been trying to get this done (amongst other things). I plan to store a
> project-wide preference about whether or not to use make for guessing
> include paths. At the moment my idea is to have it in the make builder
> configuration (feel free to debate this if you think this is not
> appropriate).

sounds fine.

> I know how to add it as well as the necessary widgets, and how to query it
> using KSharedConfig. The problem is that in order to obtain the
> KSharedConfig for the project, I need to pointer to the project itself -
> and this seems to be hard to obtain from the C parser. IncludePathResolver
> has no such link, neither do IncludePathComputer, which makes sense at
> that level. Higher we have CppLanguageSupport and CppParseJob, but there
> also I failed to find a chain up to the project. I would like to avoid
> having to go way up and to pass a parameter down to IncludePathResolver,
> did I miss a link to the current project somewhere, or is there a way to
> obtain it from inside the parser?

Get it via the project controller, i.e. findProjectForUrl() should do fine - 


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