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Alexandre Courbot gnurou at
Wed Sep 28 09:50:45 UTC 2011

>> > I think that would be useful in any case. We have directories we unit
>> > tests that have a few thousand .cc files. Furthermore, our Makefiles
>> > generate dependencies between .cc and .h files by calling a bunch of
>> > scripts, which can take a while. Letting the make resolver crawl over
>> > these directories can take 20 minutes on an 8-core machine...
>> Yup, one should definitely have the option to disable this. Expect a
>> patch for review soon.
> Convinced, I'll happilly review it.

Been trying to get this done (amongst other things). I plan to store a
project-wide preference about whether or not to use make for guessing
include paths. At the moment my idea is to have it in the make builder
configuration (feel free to debate this if you think this is not

I know how to add it as well as the necessary widgets, and how to query it
using KSharedConfig. The problem is that in order to obtain the
KSharedConfig for the project, I need to pointer to the project itself - and
this seems to be hard to obtain from the C parser. IncludePathResolver has
no such link, neither do IncludePathComputer, which makes sense at that
level. Higher we have CppLanguageSupport and CppParseJob, but there also I
failed to find a chain up to the project. I would like to avoid having to go
way up and to pass a parameter down to IncludePathResolver, did I miss a
link to the current project somewhere, or is there a way to obtain it from
inside the parser?

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