Developing the Linux kernel with KDevelop

Alexandre Courbot gnurou at
Thu Sep 29 23:04:10 UTC 2011

> > I know how to add it as well as the necessary widgets, and how to query it
> > using KSharedConfig. The problem is that in order to obtain the
> > KSharedConfig for the project, I need to pointer to the project itself -
> > and this seems to be hard to obtain from the C parser. IncludePathResolver
> > has no such link, neither do IncludePathComputer, which makes sense at
> > that level. Higher we have CppLanguageSupport and CppParseJob, but there
> > also I failed to find a chain up to the project. I would like to avoid
> > having to go way up and to pass a parameter down to IncludePathResolver,
> > did I miss a link to the current project somewhere, or is there a way to
> > obtain it from inside the parser?
> Get it via the project controller, i.e. findProjectForUrl() should do fine -
> or?

Looks good, and I could use that if nothing better comes to mind, but
what if the same URL points to a file that belongs to several opened
projects? Granted, there is little chances for that to happen, but
just in case there is another way to get the project for which the
parse job has been triggered.


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