Patches for git plugin related reviews

David Nolden zwabel at
Tue Oct 18 23:39:32 UTC 2011

Am 18.10.2011 01:44 schrieb "Milian Wolff" <mail at>:
> It's virtual and hence cannot be inlined anyways. Furthermore inlined
> functions are more of a pita than anything else in such non-performance-
> critical sections. So as the release-dude I want new KDevelop code to only
> inline code in sections where it's actually required performance wise.
> Everything else is just lazy :P

I'm writing this without having looked at the code, but the argument is too
simple. You can also replace "lazy" with "economical" here. Maybe we should
have written KDevelop in assembler, because high-level languages are just
lazy. ;-)
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