Review Request: Fix compile break of quanta

Florian Zumkeller-Quast branleb at
Thu Nov 10 12:05:26 UTC 2011

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Review request for KDevelop and Quanta.


Some changes on the Interface of ISourceFormatter from the kdevplatform project broke compiling of quanta.
This Patch fixes the interface of the SourceFormatter derived classes and some calls to these methods with the new KUrl parameter inserted.


  languages/xml/formatter/formatterplugin.h e8799f1 
  languages/xml/formatter/formatterplugin.cpp 4b04725 
  languages/xml/formatter/sgmlformatter.cpp 4a99d79 
  languages/xml/language/completion/sgmlcodecompletionmodel.cpp 803760f 
  plugins/phpformatter/formatterplugin.h 8b462bc 
  plugins/phpformatter/formatterplugin.cpp 761d635 



Quanta compiles fine with that patch.


Florian Zumkeller-Quast

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