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Mon Feb 14 11:17:57 UTC 2011

Andrey Batyiev, 14.02.2011:
> Hello
> I'm trying to revive Mercurial VCS support in KDevelop. I've converted code
> from playground into mercurial repo and placed it into bitbucket
> (link: https://bitbucket.org/generatorglukoff/kdevelop-mercurial ).

While this is nice for you I don't like it from a maintainer/user POV. I 
expect all code related to KDevelop to reside somewhere on git.kde.org. 
Please, could we move it to:


And - once you are confident it's production ready, go through kdereview to 
finally have it in kdevplatform itself.

> Basic features work, except:
> 1. copy, update, resolve — it's hard to trigger them
> 2. branch deletion
> 3. graph building
> 4. vcsLocation, repositoryLocation <--- WTF is this?
> 5. check grep -R TODO .

Sounds good and I'm not sure we have UI/API for some parts of this. Aleix 
would know more though. Also: If you have ideas on how to extend the DVCS Api 
in KDevplatform, don't hesitate to come forward.

> Development of plugin raised this questions:
> 1. What's policy about ordering in project history? From oldest to newest
> or from newest to oldest?

I'd say from newest to oldest, like I expect "[git/svn/cvs] log" to work.

> 2. Each time I revert some file there is popup arising about external
> changes. Is it possible to somehow mute it and reload everything changed?

Assuming the file was not changed in the editor, we could try to come up with 
something. I think it's useful. At least a dialog that shows all changed files 
at once and offers you to reload them all would be useful.

> Some comments:
> 1. History view window is kinda ugly. I think labels should reside on top
> of tables, not at left. This will save some precious space.

Patches welcome, esp. with before/after screenshots. Use 

> 2. DistributedVersionControlPlugin is underdocumented.

Aleix, can you change that?

> 2.1. In particular DistributedVersionControlPlugin::branch(...) has
> parameter args which has fixed amount of possible values. (In fact it
> would be better to use enums not QStringList).

Sounds like a valid complaint.


Milian Wolff
mail at milianw.de
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