Andrey Batyiev batyiev at gmail.com
Mon Feb 14 01:42:03 UTC 2011


I'm trying to revive Mercurial VCS support in KDevelop. I've converted code
from playground into mercurial repo and placed it into bitbucket
(link: https://bitbucket.org/generatorglukoff/kdevelop-mercurial ).

Basic features work, except:
1. copy, update, resolve — it's hard to trigger them
2. branch deletion
3. graph building
4. vcsLocation, repositoryLocation <--- WTF is this?
5. check grep -R TODO .

Development of plugin raised this questions:
1. What's policy about ordering in project history? From oldest to newest or
from newest to oldest?
2. Each time I revert some file there is popup arising about external
changes. Is it possible to somehow mute it and reload everything changed?

Some comments:
1. History view window is kinda ugly. I think labels should reside on top of
tables, not at left. This will save some precious space.
2. DistributedVersionControlPlugin is underdocumented.
2.1. In particular DistributedVersionControlPlugin::branch(...) has parameter
args which has fixed amount of possible values. (In fact it would be better
to use enums not QStringList).

Thanks for reading,

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