Review Request: Hide _darcs directory tree from kdevelop projects

Filip Brcic brcha at
Mon Dec 26 23:44:15 UTC 2011

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Review request for KDevelop.


I recently worked on a C++ project that was using a darcs repository (Darcs is a distributed VCS, for more info visit Unfortunately for me, unlike git or mercurial, darcs is using a _darcs directory to hold all repo data, and kdevelop is filtering only hidden files (ie. those starting with a dot), so the Quick open was rendered useless as it listed tons of _darcs/something files that I certainly didn't want to edit by hand.

That's why I patched kdevelop to filter out _darcs directories. I simply added additional if in the cmakemanager.cpp file into the filterFiles function (it filtered only backup files).

I realize this cannot be a top priority to merge, but since it is an extremely minor fix, I hope you'll integrate it into kdevelop anyways.

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  projectmanagers/cmake/cmakemanager.cpp 7fd75da 



I've compiled kdevelop with this patch on Gentoo (4.2.2 is currently stable Gentoo version, but the patch is from git tip) and now it successfully filters out _darcs directories rendering quickopen usable again.


Filip Brcic

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