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Wed Aug 10 11:34:01 UTC 2011

elison.niven at, 10.08.2011:
> Aleix wrote :
> >We can't use ctags in KDevelop4, here the plan would be to use a buildtool
> >(cmake, makefile) that tells us what are the include directories and
> >defines or you can have the custom build system where you will tell
> >kdevelop specifically what are the include directories and so.
> Hi,
> Can you help me with how to specify the include directories and
> defines to KDevelop. I am using my own Makefile for a C/C++ project.
> Right now I am using a variable in the Makefile to store the Include
> directories and pass it to the compiler options as -I.

just hover an include that kdev says it's not finding. it will offer you a way 
to define custom include paths. basically it's just putting a 
".kdev_include_paths" file into your source folder(s).

> I am not using cmake. Will using cmake help me here?

CMake would definitely help as it's much better integrated in KDevelop and 
makes your live easier in general. Anyhow, it's your choice on whether you 
want to use it or not. I'd say: try it out, it's worth it.

Milian Wolff
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