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> Hi list,
> I recently upgraded to kdevelop 4 after using kdevelop 3 for a long long
> time.
> I must say you guys have done a terrific job. Hats off.
> I would like to point out that I do experience certain difficulties
> with existing code.
> I have a large code base with code in different folders like
> My Code directory:
> file1.c
> file2.c
> file1.h
> file2.h
> Folder1-> file3.c file3.h
> Folder2-> file4.c file4.h
> So I import a project and add My code directory. All the files are
> added to the project but I am not able to understand how kdevelop's
> parser finds the declarations and definitions of all the functions and
> datatypes etc. It finds declarations for functions declared in the
> same file. Sometimes it does find declarations if they are in some
> other file in the same folder but does not find
> declarations/definitions if they are in files in different
> directories.
> Is this possible with the latest release of kdevelop? Kind of makes me
> miss the good old ctags.
> Best Regards,
> Elison
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We can't use ctags in KDevelop4, here the plan would be to use a buildtool
(cmake, makefile) that tells us what are the include directories and defines
or you can have the custom build system where you will tell kdevelop
specifically what are the include directories and so.

Thanks for appreciating your work and don't hesitate to contact if you need
further help.
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