crash on start

Aleix Pol aleixpol at
Mon Sep 20 21:49:05 UTC 2010

I've been getting a crash on a system using master and kdelibs trunk when
starting kdevelop with a session that already had files in it.

I've been trying to debug the problem a little and I've found out the
problem goes that way:
- The same file happens to be opened two times for some reason (dunno what),
the file that's in the workingset, of course.
- the first one goes to check it's mimetype using the KIO::MimetypeJob
- The exec function somehow tries to add again the same file we were adding,
I guess it's because there's some qApp->processEvents somewhere, not sure
- The file tries to be opened again.
- When the second file is created, we hit: Q_ASSERT(!documents.contains(url)
|| documents[url]==doc);

Any clue on how to fix that?
I'm not sure why does that happen, isn't ::exec supposed to create a new
event loop?

A not-so-different problem: why are files added two times?

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