[KDevelop] c506ee0 Fix apparently twisted condition, that made KDevel

David nolden david.nolden.kde at art-master.de
Fri Sep 17 07:06:17 UTC 2010

commit c506ee093737c37528917a8162103d92a70ec82f
Author: David nolden <david.nolden.kde at art-master.de>
Date:   Fri Sep 17 09:09:38 2010 +0200

    Fix apparently twisted condition, that made KDevelop crash instantly on startup when loading any cmake project.
    Please, don't commit stuff without testing it at least once!
    CCMAIL: kdevelop-devel at barney.cs.uni-potsdam.de

diff --git a/projectmanagers/cmake/cmakemanager.cpp b/projectmanagers/cmake/cmakemanager.cpp
index 377d497..2e5758f 100644
--- a/projectmanagers/cmake/cmakemanager.cpp
+++ b/projectmanagers/cmake/cmakemanager.cpp
@@ -166,7 +166,7 @@ KUrl CMakeManager::buildDirectory(KDevelop::ProjectBaseItem *item) const
     KUrl ret;
     ProjectBaseItem* parent = item->parent();
-    if (parent) {
+    if (!parent) {
     } else {

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