Colleagues of DUChain

Paul Fee pfee at
Fri Sep 10 12:26:53 UTC 2010

Andreas Pakulat wrote:

> On 08.09.10 16:57:20, Paul Fee wrote:
>> Over on the Boost mailing list, there's a thread about Scalpel, a source
>> code analysis library which can expose the code's structure to other
>> components such as editors.
>> The conclusion was that LLVM/clang provides similar functionality and it
>> would be better to support an established project than start another
>> project tackling similar issues.
>> Another useful project highlighted was GCCSense
>> To me these seem to be overlap with KDevelop's DUChain.  I'm not familiar
>> enough with clang, GCCSense, DUChain or Scalpel, but do they perform
>> similar tasks and which should KDevelop be using?
>> Does DUChain have features the others lack or vice versa?  Would KDevelop
>> benefit from having a look at these similar projects?
> The only thing we could benefit from would be a way of replacing our own
> (somewhat hand-written) c++ parser (and preprocessor) with one that
> supports more of the standard (especially newer features, c++0x) and
> also supports C better than we do currently. That may be possible to do
> within the C++ plugin, but its a huge amount of work. The rest of the
> duchain (the stuff in platform) has a different aim than any of these
> and hence is more-or-less unrelated.
> Andreas

Thanks for the responses.

That helps clarify for me the purpose of DUChain as something separate from 
C/C++ parsing.

Besides I wouldn't be make changes required to use something like clang in 
KDevelop, just sharing info in case you folks find it useful.


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