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Julian Bäume julian at svg4all.de
Fri Sep 10 02:14:05 UTC 2010

some time ago, there has been a profiles-feature allowing to blacklist certain 
plugins. As far as I can see, this has been removed. (I didn’t find any reason 
or explicit information, but it’s not working and many things indicated, that 
this has been removed.) There is still documentation about this in the wiki, 
but it seems outdated to me.

I understand how to enable certain plugins by default, via the IDEExtension 
interface and this also works fine. Then there is the session that stores 
information about enabled and disabled plugins. This also works, I think. But 
there are some plugins I can’t switch off. In the list of loaded plugins, I 
can find some plugins, that I don’t expect to be there. In the Modules 
configuration, I have the Qt documentation, CMake documentation and cvs and 
svn plugins disabled, but they show up in that list of loaded plugins. Then 
there are the “project” plugins. These are supposed to be loaded with 
projects. The projects I load don’t need the cmake plugin, but still this 
plugin is loaded. I’ve written an own plugin, that handles project files, this 
is in the list too, which is fine ;) Then there is the C++ language plugin, 
which confuses me most. I guess, this one is loaded, because of an entry in 
the .desktop file.
(X-KDevelop-LoadMode=AlwaysOn) I wasn’t aware of this option, till now. I had 
a look into the quanta sources, because there should be the same problems. I 
don’t think, C++ is needed for them, neither. I only found the profile.config 
approach, so I guess, this issue hasn’t been adressed in quanta, either. I 
wanted to compile quanta and check myself, but it didn’t work, most likely 
because I don’t have recent version of KDevPlatform installed. (I’m running 
the latest stable) I also expect the C++ plugin to be loaded in quanta.

Can you give me some insight on this? How can I force my program not to load 
the plugins I don’t want? I’m especially concerned about the C++ plugin. I 
have the feeling, that this will get loaded everywhere KDevelop is installed 
and clutter the UI. It adds some entries to the menu, I will never use.

bye then
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