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Fri Sep 10 17:21:17 UTC 2010

On Friday, 10. September 2010 18:34:56 David Nolden wrote:
> Yes, i also already though about improving this. Your idea is good. Also
> namespace- or class-scopes shouldn't be shown again and again, and we coulf
> abbreviate functions by parens, for variables we could shorten the prefix
> to just "var", etc. It could look like extremely simplified code.

I've made sure the decls are unique (decl->kind & decl-
>qualifiedIdentifier().index pair).

But I'm not sure about the rest. If I merge the kind, it looks strange:

Function foo, bar, asdf, Namespace yxcv, qwer, Function öouir

If I add () behind functions it beomces better, but still:

Function foo(), bar(), asdf(), Namespace yxcv, qwer, Function öouir()

it should be Function_s_, Namespace_s_... but declarationKind() does not give 
that info of course. But we should use declarationKind to stay language 
independent, shouldn't we? This also prevents using "var" instead of 

> Am 10.09.2010 17:42 schrieb "Milian Wolff" <mail at>:
> Hey there,
> a user (blender dev) showed me this screenshot with the plea to improve it:
> I hope we all agree that this is completely bad. His idea  where the "all,
> all
> funcs, used funcs, ..." buttons to the left which are nice but imo hard to
> implement with the current api (or am I mistaken?).
> For starters I thought about at least grouping the declarations by kind.
> Imo it would be better, but right now the declarations are listed in the
> order they are declared which is probably also helpful. So maybe we could
> at least merge consecutive declarations of the same kind?
> Like so:
> Typedef foo, Typedef bar, Function abc, Function asdf, Class foo
> =>
> Typedefs foo, bar, Functions abc, asdf, Class foo
> What do you think?
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