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David Nolden zwabel at
Tue Sep 7 10:18:26 UTC 2010

Yes the priority order is as you said. However since the tabs are aligned to
the right, I'd more interpret the rightmost one as "most prominent", at
least that was the idea when ordering them.

Apart from that, what exactly is the difference between different
perspectives in eclipse?

Am 07.09.2010 08:39 schrieb "Andreas Pakulat" <apaku at>:

On 07.09.10 08:42:32, Vladimir Prus wrote:
> Hi,
> in KDevelop4 as of today's git master, the ...
Do you actually use that many perspectives in Eclipse? Maybe I'm not a
normal Eclipse user here, but I only use 2 perspectives all day. In
particular at least 3 of the standard perspectives are almost the same
and don't provide a real difference. As we don't provide a separate
perspective for each type of project or special file we're supporting I
don't think we'll have the problem of perspective-explosion like

Apart from that, isn't it clear how Tabs scale? At some point you get
left/right buttons on the tabbar.


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