Installing both Kdevelop 3.5.5 and kdevelop 4.1.x

Leon Pollak leonp at
Mon Nov 29 16:18:37 UTC 2010

On Monday November 29 2010, Michael Hart wrote:
> Is it possible to safely have kdevelop 3.5.5 and kdevelop installed at the
> sametime
> I have been able to install kdevelop 3.5.5  under openSuSE 11.3 and
> manually fixing the issues of wrong version of "" in files
> incadmin.tar.gz and admin.tar.gz and work happily in that environment.
> Is it possible to have both kdevelop3 and kdevelop4 installed without them
> clobbering each other. For a number of reasons I feel this would be the
> best solution for me.
> Also does anyone know of any other issues I need to address when I install
> kdevelop 3.x.y under openSuSE 11.x that I need to address.
> Is there a patch out there I can run address those issues

As an independent user I must say that I think you are not correct.
kdevelop is not a commercial product and its developers are more devoted to 
the principles of the best SW than to earning money.

This means that they go in the way of developing the best they can in the time 
they have.

Obviously, redesign of new better features is more importand than building 
system, which may exist meanwhile with CMake (which is not so bad!).

This is the price you pay for working with "open" SW. As for me - I am ready 
to pay it. If you are not - you always have a choice of Visula Studio, which I 
personnaly will never choose to work with....:-)

As for 3.5.5 and 4.1 coexistance - yes, I have both running and you can find 
the descriptioin I did it in the list archive. But my case is in Fedora.


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