Installing both Kdevelop 3.5.5 and kdevelop 4.1.x

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Mon Nov 29 16:05:03 UTC 2010

On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 4:59 PM, Michael Hart < at
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> Is it possible to safely have kdevelop 3.5.5 and kdevelop installed at the
> sametime
> I have been able to install kdevelop 3.5.5  under openSuSE 11.3 and
> manually fixing the issues of wrong version of "" in files
> incadmin.tar.gz and admin.tar.gz and work happily in that environment.
> Is it possible to have both kdevelop3 and kdevelop4 installed without them
> clobbering each other. For a number of reasons I feel this would be the best
> solution for me.
> Also does anyone know of any other issues I need to address when I install
> kdevelop 3.x.y under openSuSE 11.x that I need to address.
> Is there a patch out there I can run address those issues
> Thanks
> Michael
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Well, I guess you will have two /usr/bin/kdevelop files which isn't really
possible :P

You can always compile in /opt, though.

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