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Silvère LESTANG silvere.lestang at
Mon Nov 29 19:20:39 UTC 2010

a lot of plugins and features (Build, Run, Debug, Test and Version Control)
use the standardouputview for displaying what they need to display. But this
toolview is quite generic and doesn't correspond to the needs of most of
them, and thus make it difficult to users to understand the UI (the previous
and next buttons doesn't always do something and the two buttons "Select
activated item" and "Focus when selecting item" are difficult to understand
and irrelevant sometimes).
I try in the last few days to see if it was possible to improve the
standardouputview to full fit the needs of all plugins and features but I
arrived to the conclusion that it's useless as every plugins have a slightly
different needs.
So I proposed to create a new toolview for each plugins or features which
need one, starting by the Build feature.
I think we need to keep the previous and next item, remove the "Select
activated item" and "Focus when selecting item" buttons and replace them by
a warning and error buttons that we can toggle to display only warnings
and/or errors. I make a little mock up here:
What do you think about that?

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