Patch: TODO highlighting in comments

Nicolas Alvarez nicolas.alvarez at
Sat Nov 6 23:32:36 UTC 2010

El 04/11/2010, a las 15:05, Dmitry Risenberg escribió:
> I'm not sure whether "Force Full Update" action is worth keeping and
> what its semantics should be. As for now, I made it re-parse all
> documents in current scope (see \1), and do it recursively if problems
> from imported files are to be shown. Re-parsing everything is rather
> slow when there are many documents in scope, especially with imports.
> I'm not sure if there are valid use cases for this action, except a
> case when some files change that are external to the project/session,
> for example a library is updated, but this isn't a common one. Another
> possibility could be providing on-demand parsing when the user
> switches off on-line parsing, but AFAIK now there is only an option to
> switch the parser off completely.

I have only used that action when trying to track down *bugs* in the C 
++ parser, where doing a full re-parse gave different duchain than  
incremental parsing while typing.

I can't think of why an end-user would need this action.

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