Patch: TODO highlighting in comments

Esben Mose Hansen kde at
Mon Nov 8 08:31:40 UTC 2010

On Sunday 07 November 2010 00:32:36 Nicolas Alvarez wrote:
> I have only used that action when trying to track down bugs in the C 
> ++ parser, where doing a full re-parse gave different duchain than  
> incremental parsing while typing.
> I can't think of why an end-user would need this action.

Well, I can. Here is a couple:

 * After upgrading libaries (if you're on debian unstable, that is a weekly 
 * After running some external script or tool
 * After the parser getting it's internals corrupted (again) so that it will 
actually find all uses.

Of course, this could be automated, but until it is a "reparse everything" is 
a very good idea. It is also a confidence thing: Once we get no reports that 
reparsing everything fixed something, we know we are catching all cases.

How to reparse everything is also, btw, a quite common question I get.

kind regards, Esben

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