Request for feature freeze exemption: "New File" action in Filesystem toolview context menu

Alexander Dymo alexander.dymo at
Wed Mar 3 17:21:59 UTC 2010

> You can create new files without the filesystem view, either using
> Ctrl+N and then saving at any place you like (using the normal
> filedialog). Or by using the context menu of the project tree where
> you'll have to supply a filename first.

I've been observing my KDevelop usage today and now I understand better the 
reasons why I use "Filesystem" view instead of "Projects" for my Ruby 

In the order of importance:
1) I have a lot of .txt and other text files without extension that aren't 
part of a project and not shown in the project view

2) I use breadcrumbs in Filesystem surprisingly often (I never thought I use 
them this much until I started watching myself)

3) In Filesystem view I can quickly jump to directories by typing envvars in 
the path input field. I have several important variables that expand to 
various pathes in my system.

4) In Filesystem view I can either expand the dir or open it, in Projects view 
I can not

5) It just looks better :) Mostly because items are a bit larger.

That should at least answer Andreas' question about why I use Filesystem view 
instead of Projects.

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