Git import postponed?!

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Tue Mar 2 22:20:41 UTC 2010


just to let you know, I've got some pretty hefty headwind while trying
to find out how the process of moving works(even for just moving
kdevelop-pg-qt). Basically people are afraid of KDE being split between
Git and svn if projects start to move all by themselves. They want at
least core and extragear modules to move at once.

I have no idea how much work it is to write the conversion rules for the
core modules (it should be easier for most as things have moved around
much less) and hence dunno how long it takes. But the extragear apps
(especially the older ones) will take some time.

See Aaron's recent blog on his concerns, the kde-core and
kde-scm-interest list for details. (if someone pings me tomorrow I'll
look up the actual links, but it all happened in the last days and under
pretty obvious subjects).

To conclude: I'm not willing to push this (move of kdevelop) through
against the will of all other people involved with kde-git, but I won't
be doing feature work in svn either anymore (that happens when one uses
superior tools :(


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