Git import postponed?!

Alexander Dymo alexander.dymo at
Tue Mar 2 23:07:15 UTC 2010

> To conclude: I'm not willing to push this (move of kdevelop) through
> against the will of all other people involved with kde-git, but I won't
> be doing feature work in svn either anymore (that happens when one uses
> superior tools :(

Andreas, please, please, don't stop with the migration. The people who 
complain (they are clearly the minority btw), can't decide for us and I 
thought everybody here supported the move to git ASAP (if you don't, please 
voice your opinion now).

So, unless anyone from KDevelop developers objects, I'd like to ask you to 
push the migration.

If you think I should write a mail supporting you on scm-interest ml, let me 

PS: especially interesting, is that the person who argues the most, comes from 
the project (namely koffice) which already uses git and which plans to move to 
git completely any day now...

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