Kdevelop editing issues

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Tue Jul 27 18:28:34 UTC 2010

On 27.07.10 22:16:53, Konstantin Karganov wrote:
> Found some bugs, see below :)

Thats the surest way of getting them into /dev/null. If you find bugs
report them on bugs.kde.org.

> >> 5. no fast navigation in opened files
> >> both in VisualStudio and Eclipse there is a drop-down list of
> >> currently opened files (which, btw, also displays status, if file is
> >> modified or not), which gives a fast way to switch from file to file.
> >> Very useful if you have 2-3 dozens of files opened at the time,
> >> navigation with 2 arrows (prev, next) becomes just painful.
> >
> > Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab. Also the currently open files are listed at the
> > top of the quickopen list.
> This feature is buggy - quicklist opened by Ctrl-Tab opens wrong file
> if being clicked by mouse,
> i.e. only selecting file with keyboard works correctly..

Well, keyboard-navigation is the main reason for having it in the first

> >> 8. Projects and Classes views should follow the current file position
> >> again, other IDEs do that.
> >
> > No they don't, at least not by default. We had that in KDev3 and it was
> > horribly unusable and IIRC only used by a very small number of users.
> > There's a button to sync manually though.
> The button is buggy too. It seems that it searches just by file name
> which is completely wrong.
> In Kdevelop project, for example, there are multiple files with the
> same name but in different directories (say, debugsession.cpp or
> variablecontroller.cpp which are in debuggers/gdb and
> debuggers/gdb/gdbtest ). The button shows just one of them which is
> found first in the tree...

Which just hardens my suspicion that actually nobody uses the feature at
all :)


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