Kdevelop editing issues

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Sun Jul 25 21:38:25 UTC 2010

On 25.07.10 22:53:47, Konstantin Karganov wrote:
> >> 1. "Save All" toolbar button
> >>  that's awful it is not available, when having dozens of files open in
> >> the editor one can easily forget to save all modified files before the
> >> build, and that's a pain to save each file individually. IMHO,
> >> must-have feature
> >
> > It is available, you just have to add it yourself.
> I think this feature is basic enough to be available by default.

I highly doubt that and I back up my doubt with the fact that you're the
first one complaining about the action missing since 2 years.

> >> 2. turning off backup files
> >> currently when working in kdevelop editor it creates *.h~ and *.cpp~
> >> backup files on each save. I don't like having junk files on my disk
> >> and I have version control for change history, but I can't turn this
> >> off. I guess there should be an option.
> >
> > See the editor settings.
> Looked for settings twice, didn't find anything related.

You need to open a file to configure editor settings, then open
Editor->Settings->Configure Editor, go to Open/Save, Advanced and
deactivate backup files for local files.

> >> 7. not showing matching bracket in source code
> >> I suggest that when the cursor is on bracket the matching brackets
> >> pair should be highlighted, as in Eclipse (or better ;) ), currently
> >> it is not and that's sad..
> >
> > Works fine for me, but its slightly differently than in eclipse wrt. the
> > cursor position.
> For me it's not working at all, nothing is highlighted and thus
> closing a bunch of brackets at the end of function call can easily
> lead to syntax error if brackets are miscounted.

Then report a bug on bugs.kde.org against the katepart component.

> > See Settings->Configure Shortcuts for the ones that exist. IMHO having
> > shortcuts for parent types and child types is not necessary, thats not
> > something you do so often to warrant a shortcut.
> Actually, I do :)
> In Eclipse that is Ctrl-T, and when working with big class hierarchies
> (especially if not very well familiar with the hierarchy) it helps a
> lot.

So you're actually browsing the code, thats what the context browser
(inline popup or the toolview) is supposed to do. It specifically allows
to go to all kinds of things related to the current code-position.

The existing shortcuts already allow to navigate to parent classes by
opening the declaration of the current class and then going to the
declaration of any of the parents. In particular how do you use a
shortcut to "jump to parent class" with multiple inheritance?


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