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Milian Wolff mail at milianw.de
Fri Jul 23 15:39:41 UTC 2010

On Friday 23 July 2010 17:25:42 Konstantin Karganov wrote:
> Hi Milian,
> yesterday we've talked at #kdevelop, I asked for advice how to find
> identifiers referenced in a given line of code, you told me to use
> DUChain.
> I've looked at the class, it's quite big and it's not obvious at all
> how it is to be used.
> Can you please give me some explanations, directions or conventions on
> its usage?
> Not the code fragments, I'll find that myself, just some ideas and
> general design, in brief.
> The link where to read that would be enough, but it seems there are none..
> I'll continue browsing the code myself but your explanations could
> save me a lot of time and keep me from silly mistakes when using the
> code.
> Thanks in advance for using your time and for any help from your side.

Take a look at DUContext (base class of TopDUContext). The latter you get via 

Also take a look at duchainutils.h and e.g. declarationInLine().

To get all, uses and declarations, in a given line, you'd have to iterate over 
them, afaiks the current API has no functions to give you that in one simple 

Instead do something like 

ReferencedTopDUContext ctx = KDevelop::standardContextForUrl(...);

DUContext* ctx = KDevelop::findContextAt(yourLinePos);

foreach(Declaration* dec, ctx->localDeclarations() {
  // find declarations in given line by comparing against dec->range()

FOREACH_FUNCTION(const KDevelop::Use& use, ctx->uses) {
  // same as above

good luck

PS: sending to the developer ML, please register there and point your future 
questions there.

Milian Wolff
mail at milianw.de
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