Make/Install (as root) problems

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Mon Jul 5 15:05:03 UTC 2010

On 05.07.10 16:58:47, Andras Mantia wrote:
>  I'm currently trying to fix the Build and Install (as Superuser) 
> behavior for launches. Unfortunately things are rather broken here, or 
> more exactly not prepared for this scenario. If you select the above 
> option, right now you just get a dialog that it is not implemented.
>  But...actually it works.

Did you see my comments regarding the changes you did to the "install as
root" options? 
> If "Install as root" is configured in the project configuration, it will 
> use that setting when you just select Build and Install as a launch 
> dependency.
> A starightforward solution would be to simply get rid of the Build and 
> Install (as Superuser) option, that is not implemented. I tempted to do 
> it, as it is just confusing (after all, the project is the place where 
> you could configure if install can go on as a regular user or needs 
> superuser rights), but there is a problem: that option just runs "sudo 
> make install". This means that it might generate files with root 
> permissions in your build dir. 
> So I changed it to run make and (kde)sudo make install as two separate 
> jobs. 
> Pros: makes it more clearer the UI and acutally gets rid of a not-
> working option.
> Cons: build and make will be a separate step, in cmake this makes 
> somewhat more time to build/install prior to running.
> Andras
> PS: If you wonder, why isn't there a merge request: after fiddling a lot 
> with gitorious and not able to find how to create it, I got the info 
> that I might have a need for my own clone. Well, i don't have it, sorry. 
> Here is the diff instead.

Well, apparently that worked out now :)

Had a quick look at the diff and I don't really see any problem with this.
Regarding the "runs longer with cmake", you could just skip the
dependency-check for the make install phase by using make install/fast.
Might need an extension of the IMakeBuilder interface so cmake support can
tell it to run install/fast target as superuser.


Truth will out this morning.  (Which may really mess things up.)

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