Make/Install (as root) problems

Andras Mantia amantia at
Mon Jul 5 13:58:47 UTC 2010


 I'm currently trying to fix the Build and Install (as Superuser) 
behavior for launches. Unfortunately things are rather broken here, or 
more exactly not prepared for this scenario. If you select the above 
option, right now you just get a dialog that it is not implemented.
 But...actually it works.

If "Install as root" is configured in the project configuration, it will 
use that setting when you just select Build and Install as a launch 

A starightforward solution would be to simply get rid of the Build and 
Install (as Superuser) option, that is not implemented. I tempted to do 
it, as it is just confusing (after all, the project is the place where 
you could configure if install can go on as a regular user or needs 
superuser rights), but there is a problem: that option just runs "sudo 
make install". This means that it might generate files with root 
permissions in your build dir. 

So I changed it to run make and (kde)sudo make install as two separate 
Pros: makes it more clearer the UI and acutally gets rid of a not-
working option.
Cons: build and make will be a separate step, in cmake this makes 
somewhat more time to build/install prior to running.


PS: If you wonder, why isn't there a merge request: after fiddling a lot 
with gitorious and not able to find how to create it, I got the info 
that I might have a need for my own clone. Well, i don't have it, sorry. 
Here is the diff instead.

PS2: The .ui file change is virtually unreadable, blame Qt Designer. I 
just removed an element from the combobox.
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